Your guide to getting hired by Google, Facebook, Apple

What the most-wanted employers are looking for in IT job applicants


If you want to make a run at one of the most-glamorous tech employers, offers up a handy guide to landing a job with coveted companies Google, Facebook and Apple.

According to Masters Degree, Google is looking for:

1. Software engineers: "Google always, always, always has openings.”

2. Team players: "Employees are interviewed and hired by teams, not single managers."

3. Creative minds: Google "Google interview questions" or just click

here. (You might wish you didn't.)

Google receives 1,000,000 applications a year and hires 1,000 to 4,000 people, Masters Degree notes.

For Facebook potential hires, the company wants:

1. Builders: "People who have built their own apps or launched products or organizations."

2. Frequent Facebook users.

3. A reference from inside the company.

Facebook hired 330 candidates from 250,000 applications.

And when it comes to Apple, you need:

1. A reference from an Apple employee.

2. Membership in Apple's Developer Program.

3. A passion for the company's products and design.

Click below for a handy chart that offers more tips on getting hired by the big three, as well as ways to stack your resume to get their attention.

via Undercover Recruiter

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