The easiest thing to forget at your next interview

A surprisingly often-overlooked step in Interviewing 101

Given that 99.9% of the time you're sharing your resume electronically, it's super easy to forget one critical must-do before your next interview.

"They may already have your resume, but you still need to bring a copy with you," says DiceTV's Cat Miller. "And I mean a printed copy that is not stapled and not folded in half! This isn’t something you should pull out of the front pocket of your shoulder bag, this is something that should be neat and clean when you present it."

Think about it: Your interviewer says, "You know, I left your resume on my desk. Do you happen to have a copy?"

Imagine the differences between these answers:

"Uh, no."

"I think I do, hold on." You rustle around in your most-professional-looking bag to sheepishly produce a wrinkled piece of paper/origami reject sporting a coffee ring. "Here you go."

"I do." You open your most-professional-looking bag, pull out your portfolio and slide one clean, crisp copy of your resume across the table. "Here you go."

With the latter, you look like you're forward-thinking, well-prepared and have excellent taste in 32 lb bond paper.

If we were interviewers, that would be our go-to trick question. Forget "Tell me about your greatest weakness", go with "Do you have a copy of your resume?" Boom.

Miller brings up another good point: having your resume on a flash drive doesn't count.

"Don’t bring in a flash drive and say, 'here you go, it’s all on here,'" she adds. "A lot of places have policies about that and you don’t want to be caught empty-handed."

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via Dice

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