Find jobs 'hiding in plain sight' on LinkedIn

Two overlooked LinkedIn areas boast job opportunities

Recruiter and career coach Artie Fertig says there are jobs posted on LinkedIn "so out in the open that they're ignored."

Fertig tells U.S. News & World Report that a scroll through the Updates section on LinkedIn's main page reveals openings posted by hiring managers, HR and recruiters, a la, "my company is looking to hire a XXX," complete with a link to the posting.

"To have access to these kinds of listings, it's important that you create links to people within the kinds of companies you seek employment," he says. "It's never too early to expand your network on LinkedIn, because the larger your network, the more you will have access to the updates of people with important information upon which you can act."

Another source for jobs hiding in plain sight are found under a Group's Job tab.

"Unlike paid jobs found in the main menu Jobs tab, here you will find discussions about openings, as well as specific job postings that can be put up for free by any member of the group," he says. "They can't be accessed any other way."

LinkedIn users can join up to 50 Groups a time, classified by profession, skills, alumni and more. The more groups you join, the more openings you'll find.

"You might create a system where you access a certain number of groups each day, on a rotating basis," Fertig says. "Yes, it's painstaking work, but that is your job as a job hunter."

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via U.S. News & World Report

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