How to talk about your current employer while interviewing for a new job

Inside the safe approach that doesn't make you look unprofessional

You're having a great interview, getting along swimmingly with the interviewer.

He looks at your resume and asks, "Why do you want to leave your current job?"

You're so simpatico with this person you're temped, truly tempted, to tell him the truth. "My boss is from Hell," "My teammates couldn't work together to open an envelope," etc. Should you?

No, no, one-thousand times no, recruiter Pat Mastandrea tells The Daily Muse. "You have nothing to gain by being negative, and it only detracts from your presentation," he notes.

Instead of focusing on the people or company that may be driving you insane, Mastandrea says you should focus on the culture and how it no longer works for you. Addressing how you no longer mesh with the culture allows you to stay professional without resorting to untruths or stock answers that sound fake.

"Instead of saying a company 'laid off good people' and 'hires lazy workers,' you might say, 'I believe I am better suited to work in an organization that has a strong commitment to mentoring and developing executives, where there is a strong sense of loyalty on both sides and a culture that fosters career development and growth,' " he advises.

Your interviewer gets the truth and you look professional. Win-win. Click below for other ways to restate reasons without looking negative or petty.

via The Daily Muse

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