Roundup of the week's streaming app announcements

Credit: Source: Xbox Wire

Today I wanted to catch everyone up on a bunch of recent streaming app announcements from various services and platforms.

For reasons known only to them and Google, Roku hasn't had a YouTube channel and they've shut down third-party attempts to provide YouTube on Roku players. That changed this week, at least for owners of the top-of-the-line (but still only $100) Roku 3. There's now a YouTube app in the Roku channel store. Roku says YouTube will be coming to additional players next year. You can check out both the Roku Blog and the YouTube blog for more on this announcement.

Verizon FiOS has arrived on the Xbox One. This seems a little redundant in the living room (where your FiOS cable box presumably sits) but if you have your Xbox One in a bedroom the app could cut out the need for a second cable box. You can get "up to" 74 channels of live TV via the app. No On Demand access yet, though. You can learn more from Microsoft's post on the app or from the Verizon press release.

Sticking with Microsoft, the Time Warner Cable app on the Xbox 360 now offers access to Video On Demand. Here's Microsoft's blog post about this new feature.

TWC says the Time Warner Cable channel on the Roku has also added Video On Demand.

TWC has been busy I guess. The press release linked to in that last paragraph also mentions that a Time Warner Cable app is now available for the Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX. And yup, it supports Video On Demand.

And finally, Microsoft has released an Xbox Video app for Windows Phone 8. (Apparently Windows Phone users haven't had full access to Xbox Video since version 7; can any Windows Phone users confirm that for us?) While they were at it, they launched a stand alone Xbox Music app as well.

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