Tweeting for maximum effect: The formula

4-1-1: How to gain followers quickly and grow your network

A lot of virtual ink is spilled on improving one's LinkedIn profile and presence, and that obviously makes sense as the site is the hotbed for opportunity.

However, Twitter is coming on strong as a source for IT jobs and contacts. If you want to improve your Twitter presence, Mediotype has a great formula for gaining followers and developing a strong personal brand, the 4-1-1 rule:

"Tweet 4 pieces of relevant original content from others and retweet 1 relevant tweet for every self-promoting tweet."

Users will follow a source who provides interesting, engaging links and commentary, as opposed to someone who relentlessly tweets about themselves all day, every day. The most successful networking, in the end, is give and take with your contacts, regardless of platform: LinkedIn, blog, forums, etc.

"Distributing content thoughtfully is the most important ingredient," Mediotype notes. "In general, trying too hard to promote yourself drives people away. Mix your tweets up and feed content to your audience that establishes you as both a participant and a leader in the conversation."

But why cultivate a following on Twitter? If you include your Twitter handle on your resume (and you should if you're active), potential employers will check it out. Nearly 80% of hiring managers say they scan a candidate's social media activity before hiring. Imagine how impressive it would look to a hiring manager to find a candidate who has a strong, professional Twitter following with a fantastic balance of helpful information and interaction.

Click below for a graphic that cleanly outlines the 4-1-1 formula.

via AllTwitter

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