10 great free photo apps for iOS and Android

These free apps let you go beyond Instagram and Snapchat.

There's a world of great photo apps for iOS and Android beyond Instagram and SnapChat. Here are ten of the best -- and every one of them is free.


This is a great replacement for Android's gallery app. You can password-protect individual photos, crop, size, and resize photos from right inside the app, perform nifty sorting tricks, and more. And it's optimized for HD tablets as well.

F-Stop Media Gallery

If you're a photo hound and have plenty of photos on your Android phone or tablet, this is one to consider. It has stellar tagging features, which means you'll be able to do quick searches and sorts to find the picture you want fast.

Pixlr Express

Here's a great, playful Android and iOS photo editor that goes well beyond removing red-eye, whitening teeth, and doing the usual photo fixes. It has more than 600 photo effects and overlays, plenty of color tools, and lets you share photos via Facebook.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe, the maker of Photoshop, has plenty of experience with photo editors, and this is a very useful one. There are free versions for both Android and iOS. Crop, rotate, edit the color, choose from a variety of effects, and more.


This iOS app lets you create hand-drawn portraits by drawing over photos. Use your own photos or those uploaded by the Sktchy community, then share them with others.


This iOS app does exactly what it sounds like it should do: Lets you put customized frames around your photos. You've got 70 frames to choose from, and you can pick a variety of effects and textures for each, such as grunge, retro, cinematic, and more.


There's both an Android app and an iOS app for FxCamera, and both are great. It lets you add many different effects to your photos, such as Fisheye, toy camera, vintage, and many others. Especially nifty is that you can also record a voice message to go along with the photo. And you can share it all on Facebook and Twitter.


This app, which comes both for Android and for iOS is a superb photo editor, with many powerful editing tools, and plenty of special effects, as well as the ability to add frames. Snapseed was bought by Google a while back, so it's no surprise that it lets you share photos via Google+.


This great app for iOS lets you take 360-degree photospheres, and then share them with others. Don't be put off if when you first put the photosphere together you think you've done something wrong, because it gets uploaded to the cloud, where it gets stiched together properly.

Camera360 Ultimate

Here's and Android app for taking photographs with eight different photo shooting modes, plenty of effects, and letting you share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and other places as well.

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