How body language can tank your job interview

Keys to making a strong, confident impression

Executive headhunter Rebekah Crawford has an important story to share:

"Recently, I interviewed a candidate who had a fabulous resume with great experience, so I was surprised that he had spent the last six months job hunting. But as we began to talk, I immediately understood why—he kept his eyes glued to his hands, spoke in a dull, flat monotone, and rarely smiled. Sure, he was talking about his great experience and proven track record, but truly, it didn’t matter what he was saying—it was how that was the problem."

As much as we obsess about what we're going to say in a job interview, Crawford tells The Daily Muse that body language is just as important as your words.

"You may have the perfect set of answers prepared, but if your body language is communicating nervousness, anxiety, boredom, or untruthfulness, your interviewer is going to sense it immediately—and it could cost you the job," she notes.

Also, Crawford says you must be cognizant of your body language from the second you meet your interviewer.

"From the moment you walk in the door, your interviewer will have an opinion of you in mere seconds," she says. "So, make the most of that limited time. Start by shaking hands with the interviewer firmly and confidently, and don’t forget to smile, make eye contact, and stand up straight. Your poise and self-assurance will put you in a positive light in your interviewer’s mind before the questions even start."

If all this has you a bit nervous, click below for more advice, including how to manage your emotions before an interview.

via The Daily Muse

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