Netflix launches its first original content for kids: Turbo FAST

Credit: Source: Netflix

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, it's the day after. All the gifts have been gifted, the feast has been feasted on, and already the kids are getting antsy. How are you going to keep them occupied until school starts again?

Netflix can help! On Tuesday they released their first Original Series for kids. It's called Turbo FAST and it's based on the characters from DreamWorks' motion picture Turbo. Five 23 minute episodes are ready for your kids to consume (but you may want to warn them ahead of time, this series is traditional animation, not CGI).

Way back in September 2011 Netflix and DreamWorks did a big content deal. At the time it was notable because Netflix snatched DreamWorks content away from HBO. According to GigaOm Turbo FAST is the first in a series of original content based on DreamWorks properties. While other titles haven't been finalized, properties such as Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda have been mentioned in relation to the deal. We'll see more original content for kids in 2014.

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