Power up Gmail with these 5 great add-ins

Turbocharge Gmail and get an immediate productivity boost with these five great add-ins

Want to get more productive with Gmail? It's simple. Just download these great add-ins for Chrome and Firefox, and you'll boost your productivity right away.


This excellent add-in, available for both Chrome,Firefox, and Safari turns Gmail into a kind of universal social network hub. From right within Gmail, you'll see unified information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so that you see all information about your contacts. You can also follow them on social networks from right within Gmail, and more.


Gmail is missing one very important feature: The ability to schedule emails to be sent at specific days. Boomerang solves the problem. Install the add-in, and then write your email as you would normally, except click the "Send Later" button and schedule it. It also will send you reminders about emails you need to follow up on. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and mobile as well.

Cloudy for Gmail

It's no surprise that Gmail works great with Google's cloud-based storage service Google Drive. But it won't work with other cloud storage services such as SkyDrive, Dropbox or Box, or other services such as Facebook and Evernote. That's where this Chrome extension comes in. It gets Gmail working a wide variety of services. If you're a big user of cloud-based storage, you'll find it's a winner.

Gmail Offline

This Chrome extension from Google does exactly what it says: Let you use Gmail even when you're not connected to the Internet. That solves one of the mail service's biggest shortcomings. But it does more than that as well. It also uses a more streamlined interface than the traditional one, which looks more like the Android version of Gmail than the Web-based one.

Send from Gmail

Click an email link on a Web page, and what happens? Maybe Outlook launches. Maybe something else does. If you instead want that link to work with Gmail, by creating a new message in Gmail with the recipient already in it, get this free extension. It makes Gmail work the way it's supposed to.

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