Google is shutting down Schemer, but there are still other apps for your bucket list

It's okay. You can make your New Year's resolutions elsewhere.

Google launched Schemer two years ago as a tool for people to "do more awesome stuff" by sharing activities and recommendations for things to do--kind of like a shared bucket list full of photos (not unlike some Pinterest boards, actually). The Google Operating System blog spotted a shutdown notice on an internal version of Schemer, so the end is nigh.

If you're a Schemer user, don't worry. It looks like you'll be able to download your data before it's gone.

If you still want to share and track your life goals (or find thousands of new ideas for your bucket list), two other, aptly-named sites look promising: and Since they're not Google-owned, they might just have a chance of sticking around long enough for you to cross off things on your bucket list.

I'll admit I have a Schemer account but hardly ever used it. You?

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