An effective addition to a tech resume: QR codes

How QR codes can solve two big resume challenges

Two common resume challenges:

1. How do I make my resume stand out?

2. I have too much experience/information to keep my resume to a single page. What do I do?

Pluralsight's Jack Wallen has a solid suggestion for killing two birds with one stone: add a QR code to your resume.

"One of the nice aspects of submitting resume within the tech industry is that you can always show a bit of flair in ways other industries won’t appreciate," he notes. "QR codes are simple to create, are unobtrusive to the resume, and will certainly pique the curiosity of the reviewer."

Wallen says he has created QR codes that can direct resume readers to additional information he wants to share and/or video clips of himself or references.

"[A QR code] also has the added benefit of giving you an infinite amount of room to display your unique abilities and reasons why a company would be best served to hire you," he adds.

What's appealing about Wallen's approach is it will make a resume stand out, but not for the sole purpose of being flashy or grabbing a screener's attention. Including a QR code shows a hiring manager that not only did this candidate put time and effort into making his resume stand out, but also that the added feature actually serves a purpose - sharing more information about how he would bring value to a company.

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via Pluralsight

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