Chromebooks are the new Swiss Army Knives [CARTOON]

Is there anything a Chromebook can’t do?

20140102_chromebook_mittens-small.jpgImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
It’s a laptop! No, it’s a floor polish! No, it’s a dessert topping!

This Christmas, my wife and I decided to get each of our two daughters (ages 11 and 14) a Chromebook. We got sick of fighting with them (or listening to them fight) over the family MacBook Pro and decided they each needed a device for doing schoolwork. The price was certainly right ($245 for a Samsung Chromebook) and the reviews were good, so we took the plunge. So far, so really good. The girls are thrilled with them and these little devices seem pretty slick.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones to make this call last year. In case you missed it, 20% of all new laptops sold in 2013 were Chromebooks. These devices seem to be genuinely threatening traditional computers. Who knows what else they’ll eventually displace?

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