Face of Netflix’s cloud operation moves on to investment firm

Adrian Cockcroft has left Netflix for Battery Ventures

Adrian Cockcroft is one of the most recognizable names in cloud computing. He’s been the face of Netflix’s decision to move all of its operations to Amazon Web Services, a strategy that was once quite controversial but has since influenced many companies to at least consider the cloud.

adrian_cockcroft_0613.gifImage credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam
Adrian Cockcroft, Chief Cloud Architect of Netflix, attends the Reuters Global Technology Summit in San Francisco, June 19, 2013.

In what must be a major loss for Netflix, Cockcroft said today that he has left the company to take on a new position as Technology Fellow for Battery Ventures. The upside for the cloud community is that it sounds like Cockcroft will continue to be front and center. He’ll be helping Battery look for companies to fund “who are enabling the transformation of enterprise IT,” he wrote in a blog post. “That also means even more conference presentations, more international coverage, and a broader range of subjects to discuss.” It sounds like Cockcroft is looking forward to spreading his wings a bit. He told Stacey Higginbotham over at GigaOm that at Battery he’ll have a “much broader base of things to work on.” That’s opposed to his gig at Netflix where he focused on the cloud and developer issues related to Netflix, he said. Still, I can’t help but see that this move may be a bit of a loss to the cloud community in the sense that I can’t imagine how Cockcroft will be able to make direct contributions that benefit the community. At Netflix he was instrumental in releasing the NetflixOSS platform, which consists of 40 projects aimed at helping users run applications in the cloud. But perhaps his influence will be just as notable as a behind-the-scenes adviser to the next crop of influential cloud businesses. Plus, Battery said it expects him to continue to blog and that's where Cockcroft has in the past debated topics like the roles of DevOps and NoOps. It doesn’t appear that Netflix has named a replacement. Cockcroft told GigaOm that Jeremy Edberg, a reliability architect at Netflix, will likely take over some of his work. Read more of Nancy Gohring's "To the Cloud" blog and follow the latest IT news at ITworld. Follow Nancy on Twitter at @ngohring and on Google+. For the latest IT news, analysis and how-tos, follow ITworld on Twitter and Facebook.

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