2 smart Chrome tips to open downloads immediately

Make your downloading time more productive

Sometimes when downloading files--especially large ones--in Google Chrome, I switch to doing something else and then forget about it completely. That's just silly. Here's how to just automatically open files after they've downloaded, so you don't have to wait or remember to click on the file in the download bar.

They're not new features in Chrome, but still handy ones you might not have known about:

  1. Instead of waiting until the download is finished to open it, click on the file in the download bar and it will open immediately when it's done.
  2. If there are certain types of files (e.g., video or image files) you always want to open immediately as soon as they're done, click on the arrow next to the file name in the download bar and select "Always open files of this type."
Google Chrome download

That's all! Check out The Google Operating System blog for more Chrome download tricks.

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