Why you should wait before applying for that perfect job

How a delay can increase your chance for an interview

The worst thing you can do when you find the job posting of your dreams is apply right way, tech manager Avery Augustine tells The Daily Muse.

Why the hold up? You're more likely to make a mistake in the rush to get your resume out the proverbial door.

"When I came across a job I was extra excited about, I’d want to get in my application materials as soon as possible—meaning I’d crank out the first thing that came to mind as a cover letter, quickly glance over my resume, and hit the send button as fast as I could," she says. "I figured the quicker the hiring manager had my resume in hand, the sooner I’d be called into the office for an interview.'

While Augustine's intentions were good, her execution was not.

"What I didn’t anticipate was that the next day, I’d review what I sent and realize that I left bullet points in my resume that didn’t need to be there, forgot to add a recent and relevant project that I’d worked on, and failed to include a main point in my cover letter about why I wanted to work at the company," she notes.

OK, so if you're not supposed to apply that instant, what do you do?

"Don’t rush," Augustine says. "It’s much better to spend a few days perfecting your resume and cover letter (and having someone look over it) than be the first application in the hiring manager’s inbox."

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via The Daily Muse

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