Two e-mail tips that will make you extremely popular

Two considerate hacks for meeting times and attachments

If you want to make your e-mail subjects’ lives easier - and increase their affection and respect for your considerate ways - Poptip's Kelsey Falter has two suggestions.

If you're proposing an in-person meeting, offer times or say you're happy to do so.

"If I am attempting to meet or talk with someone, and my time is not limited by travel, etc., then I propose at least 3-5 time blocks that I am available to meet in," she notes. "The 3-5 time blocks should be on somewhat different days. Why 3-5 times? Because I am not the end-all-be-all and I am requesting someone else’s time. I respect their time enough to stop playing the 'scheduling' game."

Tip #2: If you're referencing an attachment, paste it into the e-mail as well as attach it.

Why? I just attached it.

"Sure, this makes for a longer e-mail. But if I need to receive the attachment, and if I need to reference it on the go, then I don’t want to have to download and open the attachment," Falter notes.

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