One question that will prepare you for the best interview of your life

How to easily frame your past experience for maximum effect

Before you go into your next job interview, consider the advice of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors.

Musk asks job candidates to describe the problems they've worked on in various jobs and how they solved them.

"If someone was really the person who solved it, they'll be able to answer on multiple levels. They'll be able to go down to the brass tacks," Musk notes. "If they weren't, they'd get stuck. And you could say, 'This person was not really the person who solved it' because anyone who ever struggled hard with a problem never forgets it."

The chances that you would get asked the exact same question as Musk's are slim, but many hiring managers will use an iteration of it, at least the central idea. You can take that common theme - what problems have you solved and how - and prepare answers that you can bend to answer many interview questions.

By preparing those answers - showing concrete problems and answers - you'll be delivering real-world experience and solutions to your potential employer. "Here's what I have done, here's what I can do for you." And that, in the end, is what every interview is all about.

via Business Insider

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