VDI: Avoid these rookie mistakes

How to get your virtual desktop project off the ground

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If you haven’t looked at VDI technology in a while, you’ll find that it’s changed. Faster, cheaper technology has made it an interesting option for some companies seeking a way to support flexible, work-from-anywhere environments. In fact, some CIOs say BYOD is driving new interest given that virtualized desktops can help keep corporate data on corporate servers, not on client devices. It’s not without its challenges of course. To get you started, we’ve assembled advice from IT leaders who have kicked the tires or have successfully deployed VDI. They share their rookie mistakes (Don’t virtualize everything!) and their best tips (Choose that pilot project carefully!). We hope you find this information helpful when researching your own project.

Check out this special issue to read about the following:

Critical success factors: IT leaders share their best advice and lessons learned to help avoid rookie mistakes.

State of the market: Adoption may be slow, but VDI deployments can transform a business when planned carefully. Learn how.

Leverage for BYOD: Some CIOs have used VDI to help manage personal devices connecting to corporate networks. Here are the pros and cons.

Trailblazers: As benefits begin to outweigh challenges, VDI technology is being deployed in mission-critical workflows. See where.

How to start: A typical VDI project has many parts. Here’s an implementation checklist to get you started.

We're confident that you’ll find valuable information in this special issue that will help when researching your own VDI project. Good luck, and tell us what you think!

How to get your virtual desktop project off the ground

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