So now random strangers can email you if you're on Google+

A new Gmail setting means anyone can email you--without knowing your email address

You used to need to know a person's email address before you could send an email to that person, but now you can contact or spam anyone you want just by typing in his or her name. Yeah, let's turn that off.

Google announced the changes in a blog post today, and while you'll have options to control who can reach you, by default, anyone on Google+ will be able to email you just by typing in your name.

Gmail Google+ settings

Your actual email address won't be revealed unless you reply to the email or send that person your email, but it's still, as The Verge points out, particularly intrusive. Most of us get enough emails we don't want to see already. This is a spammer's dream.

So while this setting is still rolling out, when it comes, you'll probably want to change the "Email via Google+" option to "No one." and have your email work exactly as you expected before. (Unless you want the entire world to be able to email you, in which case, just do nothing.)

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