Search Google for images by license rights

If you're looking for a photo you can freely embed, Google's new filter can help

Ever hunt the perfect photo down only to find out it's not licensed for reuse (i.e., you can't use it for your blog or other publication)? Google, which searches a lot more sources than say, just Flickr, is now offering the option to filter image search results by usage rights--making it a whole lot easier to find an image you can use for your content.

Previously, you could go into the Advanced Image Search settings to filter results by usage rights, but, being buried there, not many of us even knew it was an option.

Now, when you search for an image (type your term with the "images" option selected), you can click the new "Usage Rights" option under "Search tools" to find images that can be reused, reused for commercial purposes, modified, or reused and modified for commercial purposes. [via The Next Web]

A small, but notable Google search tweak for those of us hunting for images to reuse.

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