5 ways to power up Google Drive

Check out these top tools and tips for getting more out of Google's cloud storage

Want go get more out of Google Drive? I've got help for you with these five tips and tools to power it up.

Integrate Google Drive with your hard drive

Google Drive is cloud-based storage, but that doesn't mean it has to live only in the cloud. If you want, you can also integrate it with your local hard drive. It's simple to do. In Google Drive, on the left-hand side look for a link that says "Connect Drive to your desktop." Click it and you'll be able to see Google Drive as a local folder. You'll even be able to drag and drop files onto it.

Perform better syncs

Google Drive syncs files with your local computers, but that sync is far from perfect. You can't, for example, sync any local folder you want with Google Drive. In addition, Google Drive stores documents in a proprietary format so they can't be opened on your local computer using Microsoft Office. Syncdocs solves both problems, and plenty more. It's $19.95 a year, but well worth it.

Save to Google Drive

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to save any file you find on the Web directly to Google Drive? There is, with the free Save to Google Drive Chrome extension. Right-click a file then save it -- it's that simple. You can also save entire Web pages.

Work offline

What if you're not connected to the Internet, and still want to work with your Google Drive? It's simple to do. If you haven't already installed the Google Drive app, go ahead and install it from here in Chrome. Once you do that, in Chrome go to your Google Drive (drive.google.com,) anhd click More in the left-hand column. Then click "offline" and from the page that appears, click Enable Offline.

Create, edit, save, and share videos

WeVideo is a very good free video creator and editor for Chrome with plenty of features, including creating new videos from existing clips, trimming videos, adding special effects and text, recording voice-overs, and more. It works great with your Google Drive. It creates a WeVideo folder on Google Drive and stores all of your videos there, and lets you share your video with others as well.

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