Go Midwest, young man: Tech jobs abundant in the Heartland

IT pros in demand, jobs in generous supply in the Midwest

There are more tech jobs in the Midwest than there are pros to fill them according to a new hiring report.

Dice recently polled recruiters and hiring managers to determine the most challenging cities for recruiting tech talent. Midwest cities nabbed five of the Top 12 spots.

"Recruiters and hiring managers are now suggesting that the Midwest is the toughest region for recruiting technology professionals," reports Dice President Shravan Goli. "The five Midwest cities on the list span a distance apart of more than 700 miles and are tough recruiting locations based on a combination of supply and demand issues."

While the Midwest was the most difficult region for hiring tech talent, the Top 2 hardest cities were unsurprisingly located on either coast: New York (1) and San Francisco (2).

Dice says there are more than 8,000 tech positions advertised "on any given day" in NYC; city officials say more than 1,500 tech companies are hiring.

As for San Francisco, Goli notes: "Add an abundance of tech firms clamoring for similar talent and six figure salaries and it’s clear Silicon Valley is a tight market."

Top 12 Toughest Cities To Recruit Tech Talent

1. New York City, NY

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Washington D.C.

4. Detroit, MI

5. Boston, MA

6. Chicago, IL

7. Los Angeles,CA

8. Little Rock, AR

9. Milwaukee,WI

10. Seattle, WA

11. St. Louis, MO

12. Tampa, FL

via Dice

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