The easiest way to become a sought-after job candidate

How to find the most jobs and be seen as a high-quality candidate

If you want to be perceived as the best of the best - a must-hire for any employer or recruiter - we've got one simple piece of advice for you: polish up your social media skills.

"But I'm already on LinkedIn," you note.

Bravo, but it's not just LinkedIn. If you've been resisting, you have to ramp up your professional activity on Facebook and Twitter, too, for one simple reason: that's where all the jobs are.

Online video interviewing and resume firm Spark Hire has crunched the numbers and notes that 94% of recruiters plan to use social media in their search for the best hires. Read that again – 94%.

And why are they using social media? Nearly half (49%) report it's where they see higher-qualified candidates.

Think about it: You're an IT professional. You're supposed to be online, smart and savvy when it comes to finding a new gig. Companies are heading to social media because they want to find the best people and hire them faster, saving time and money.

Perfect your LinkedIn profile and continue savvy networking, of course, but also open a new tab and start following recruiters and potential employers on Facebook or Twitter.

It's free, easy and will quickly put you among the highest tier of smart, proactive candidates in employers' eyes.

via Mashable

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