Speed up Google Now with one simple settings change

Google Now is fast, but it can be faster

Google Now is turning into an awesome personal assistant, with automatic reminders, cards filled with helpful information, and more. If you want it to work even more efficiently, try this quick tweak.

On your Android smartphone or tablet, open Google Now. Then go to the settings for it (tap the icon in the bottom-right corner of the app) and tap "Phone search" or "Tablet search."

You'll get a long list of apps that Google Now crawls for its information.

Google Now search

Uncheck the ones you don't want Google to index or search for results, and then just click back to save the settings.

If you uncheck everything, Google Now would go straight to the internet for your results. Even unchecking just a few apps should make Google Now speedier.

It seems this is only for Android right now, but since Google has updated Google Now for iOS today, perhaps that settings change is available or at least in the works.

Don't forget, you can also make Google Now remind you of new releases from your favorite artists.

[h/t techtrickz]

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