24% of all jobs posted on Twitter are IT

Can Twitter depose LinkedIn as the place for job hunters?

IT jobs are the second most-posted on Twitter, according to numbers from Gozaik, a social media recruiting company.

The firm, which aggregates all job postings on Twitter, says more than 500,000 jobs are posted to the network each month. That breaks down to 15 new job postings every minute. With Gozaik, job seekers can search all Twitter jobs by hashtag and geographic area.

The top four categories of jobs posted:

  • 24.7% - Sales
  • 24.58% - IT
  • 16% - Misc
  • 14.79% - Medical/Dental

The average number of job postings on Twitter has grown by more than 30% per month over the past 6 months, Gozaik notes. If that growth trend continues, Twitter could be hosting 2 million job postings a month by the end of 2014.

Why Twitter? Like most social media, employers are heading online to save money, find the best candidates and hire them faster.

"Millions of enterprises are demonstrating that they are still hiring, but are opting to recruit on Twitter as it is cost effective," says Gozaik co-founder Joe Budzienski.

Budzienski believes Twitter can ultimately be a more-effective recruiting and job-searching tool than - gasp - LinkedIn.

"I think, recruiting-wise, there’s a new revolution that is accelerating: real-time hiring," he tells VentureBeat. "You can’t effectively get that on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is effective for someone who has the clout to have a very astute profile with lots of information, but’s also very difficult … and you get sold to a lot."

via VentureBeat

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