Apple has shut down Apple-Tracker, the site telling you where to buy iPads and iPhones

Well, that didn't take long

Oh well. That site I mentioned a few days ago,, was a pretty useful tool to help you find an in-stock iPad Air, iPhone 5s, and (in the future) iPad mini with Retina display. Apparently Apple does not want other sites to help you buy more of their products, since the company has issued a DMCA takedown notice of the site.

Developer Mordy Tikotzky posted an update on Apple-Tracker saying that he decided to shut it down after getting the notice and "not really interested in picking a fight with apple." The only explanation for the takedown notice is Apple's unhappiness with Apple-Tracker's data scraping of, which violates the site's terms of use policy.

It's puzzling why Apple would object to a site directing people to Apple Stores, but many of Apple's legal decisions are puzzling. For now, if you want to find an iDevice, you'll have to check the stores directly yourself.

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