How to painlessly upgrade your resume

How to explain your experience with the perfect word

With resumes, like much of life, it's not necessarily what you say but how you say it.

Writer Veronica Park offers a great cheat-sheet for transforming ordinary, cliche, everyday "what I did at work" phrases and turning them into resume gold.

"I can guarantee you that words on a resume will affect the way you are perceived as a job candidate," Park tells Corn on the Job. "That’s why, no matter what kind of job you’re applying should always try to find the best… the clearest… and the smartest possible words to describe your traits."

And, it goes without saying, make sure they're spelled right.

Here are a few of the phrases you may want to list on your resume and the ways they can be upgraded in the most professional, engaging way:

Great at dealing with horrible people = Diplomatic

Did one thing for a long time = Experienced

Did a lot of things for a short time = Versatile

Patient, doesn’t freak out under pressure = Composed, Even-Tempered

Park brings up one excellent point: When you're looking for a more exciting word, never blindly employ a thesaurus unless you're sure of the meaning - or potential meanings.

"You’d be surprised how often a really cool-sounding word carries a little known connotation that is not what you are going for," she notes.

Click below for more great phrase upgrades and advice.

via Corn on the Job

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