Is Linux right for you?

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Today in Open Source: Should you use Linux? Plus: antiX 13.2 released, and the 2013 developer salary survey results

Is Linux Right for You?

Many folks using other operating systems sometimes wonder if Linux is right for them. CNet presents the pros and cons of using Linux.

In fact, maybe it's time for Linux.

The open-source operating system offers users a Windows-like alternative with a few key advantages:

1. It's free.

2. Most software for Linux: also free.

3. It runs briskly with less horsepower under the hood, making it a good choice for older PCs.

4. No viruses. No spyware. No adware.

5. You can choose from a variety of user-interface styles, including some that closely resemble Windows (XP, 7, etc.).

Here are some key things to know about Linux before you take the plunge:

1. There may be software incompatibilities

2. There may be hardware incompatibilities

3. There's a learning curve

4. You'll have to give up gaming

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Like anything else, there are positives and minuses about using Linux. But I think the positives vastly outweigh any potential negatives. And even if someone ultimately decides not to use Linux, it's still a great learning experience if they install it in a virtual machine or on a spare computer.

antiX 13.2 Released

antiX13.2 has been released, according to DistroWatch

The antiX team is pleased to announce the second update of antiX-13 full version for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, based on Debian 'Wheezy'. This update includes those made upstream and various bug fixes specific to antiX.

We have also included some new user-requested features for you to enjoy. antiX changes: to fit on a CD, some applications had to go (of course, they can be installing using apt-get or synaptic); upgraded 3.7.10 kernel to include zRAM as requested by users; removed alsa-oss, exoodles, gigolo...; Connectshares - various improvements and fixes; fixed broken persistence with 'toram' option; corrected old antiX repository error in 32-bit full version; fixed various JWM menu bugs; links to Rox manual fixed in menus and documentation.

More at DistroWatch

antiX is geared toward older computers or those with lower tech specs. So check it out if you have an older or underpowered computer that needs a new lease on life. You can get antiX in 32-bit or 64-bit, and you can download it from the antiX wiki.

2013 Developer Salary Survey

Dr. Dobb's has the results of the 2013 developer salary survey.

For the last four years, Dr. Dobb's and InformationWeek have run one of the largest independent salary surveys of U.S. developers and their managers. As shown in the following slides, the overall message from this year's survey is that salaries are on the rise again after being stuck in park for the last two years.

This advance is doubtlessly attributable to an improving economy. In fact, in some areas (such as Silicon Valley), the economy's recovery and the proliferation of mobile start-ups has created an acute shortage of developers, with many companies actively competing for talent already employed at competitors.

Whether this forward momentum can be sustained or whether the Silicon Valley experience is part of a bubble is hard to tell, but next year's results will surely be indicative.

More at Dr. Dobb's

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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