Why you should get into an MBA program - but not enroll

How to get MBA benefits without the accompanying six-figure debt

Mariana Zanetti has advice for you: Don't do what she did.

Zanetti has an MBA but says professionals don't need to go into six-figure debt - they can hack the benefits of the degree without enrolling.

"Earning such a respected degree also means taking on a massive amount of debt. And it’s not getting any better," she tells Brazen Careerist. "Tuition fees continue to increase dramatically, and many have started to question the true value of MBA degrees."

One tip: Get admitted to a business school…but don't enroll.

"Maybe 'admitted at the MBA program of the WeAreTheSmartestGuys Business School' isn’t as flashy as 'MBA graduate.' It’s like being an Academy Award nominee instead of an Academy Award winner," she says. "But the difference between the two is mortgaging your future and accepting the risk of getting stuck with a monumental student loan."

Zanetti says you can parlay that admission letter into a very compelling resume line without paying a dime of tuition.

"Think how you’ll explain to potential employers why you didn’t follow through. For example: 'I preferred to use that time and money to develop strategic skills to benefit my potential employers’ competitive advantage, such as…' " she suggests.

Click below for more ways to get MBA experience without enrolling.

via Brazen Careerist

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