5 great replacements for iGoogle

Who cares if iGoogle goes away? These five replacements are just as good.

In two days Google is shutting down its excellent customizable home page. No need to worry, though. I've tracked down five great alternatives for you.


This is my favorite, because of all the replacements, it looks and works most like iGoogle. Another bonus is that you can import all of your gadets and RSS feeds from iGoogle to igHome. Head to this page to find out how to do it. For now, this is the one I'm using.


Although it's not as good as igHome, this one is still quite good. There are plenty of gadgets to use. Not surprisingly, you'll have to use Bing rather than Google as your search engine. And also, not surprisingly, it doesn't have a gadget for Gmail. But Bing fans will especially welcome it.

My Yahoo

I've been using this alternative on and off for a while, largely because it's the most appealing-looking of the bunch. It's got plenty of widgets to grab content, including one for Gmail.


Protopage has a simple, clean layout, and more than just the usual widgets. There's also a podcast player, a search box that lets you choose from among hundreds of search engines, and plenty of feeds and videocasts from which to choose.


Widgets, widgets, and more widgets, that's what you'll find here. And you can also import content from iGoogle as well, so it's easy to get started. I found the design of the site a little simplistic. And when I checked recently, it was slow loading. But that could be a one-shot thing and fixed by now.

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