How to get the black navigation bar back in Google

Bring back the handy black menu at the top of Google search with a URL trick

Google recently redesigned its home page and removed that black navigation menu at the top that linked to all of Google's apps and services. Well, here's an easy way to get it back.

The trick is to add either "noj=0" or "noj=1" to the end of the Google URL. E.g., : "". I'm not sure what the "noj" parameter actually means. "noj=2," for example, doesn't bring back the black navigation bar, nor do other numbers other than 0 or 1. You also can't just add this to the end of, say, a Gmail window, to get the black nav bar back. It's also not clear this will stick around for long, but, for now, bookmark either "" or "" to bring back that familiar navigation bar.

[h/t Google Operating System via Lifehacker]

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