6 free productivity Android tablet apps you can't live without

Android tablets are more than just playthings. These free apps let you get real work done on them.

Got an Android tablet and want to get more out of it? Then you need these six great free Android productivity apps.


This excellent to-do list creator makes it a breeze to create and manage to-do lists, as well as sync them across multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the Web. Create reminders, recurring to-dos, notifications, and more. Share lists with others, back them up to the cloud, and even turn emails into Wunderlist to-dos.


Microsoft still hasn't released Office for Android tablets. Should you care? No. Not if you get this excellent free Office suite from Google. You'll be able to create and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, as well as view PDF files. It can also work with Google Drive on your tablet.

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This nifty free productivity-booster replaces the lock screen in Jelly Bean or better. What does that have to do with productivity? Plenty, as it turns out. You can have it show upcoming appointments, missed calls, unread mail messages, and more. But its real power comes from various extension other developers have written for it, such as as a contact extension that lets you call, email or send texts to contacts directly from your lock screen. There are plenty more great extensions as well.


This very clever and very useful freebie lets you access the files, data, and services on your Android device directly from your computer. So you'll be able to transfer files from your tablet to other devices, send and receive text messages from your computer rather than your tablet, and even manage you apps, all from your computer, so that you don't need to be using the tablet. It's a way to give you access to your tablet from everywhere, even when you're not near it.


If you regularly read blogs or anything fed via RSS, you need this app. Put simply, it's the best news reader out there, and especially useful after the death of Google Reader. You can also use it on iOS devices and the Web, and all of your feeds sync among them.


For me, this may be the best productivity app out there. Don't think of it as just a note-taker, because it's far more than that. It also grabs content from the Web, including entire pages, articles, video, audio, photos, and more, and lets you organize them into notebooks. It does a great job of letting you search through it all as well. It also works with iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X devices as well as the Web, and syncs them all. Also useful is Skitch, from the same company, which lets you mark up and annotate photos, PDFs, and more, and save and share them. Skitch integrates with Evernote as well.

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