The key to managing older employees

Why age doesn't matter when it comes to good management

Become a manager and eventually (or immediately) you will find yourself in charge of someone older than you.

You may think this is a delicate situation, but it doesn't need to be because, when you boil it all down, good management is the same, regardless of age.

Business Insider's Jenna Goudreau shares a series of tips on managing older employees, but the most interesting fact is that they are all just plain-old good management tips, regardless of whether one has reached AARP membership age. (Which, if you were wondering, is 50 - something we find quite ridiculous. And, possibly, insulting.)

For instance: Treat each employee as an expert, and ask how you can help.

A classic, smart management move, regardless of the age of your direct reports. There's the old management adage about surrounding yourself with people smarter or more talented than yourself. Solid advice.

You can't be an expert at everything, but you can expect your direct reports to each have an area of expertise. Find that area and make that person the go-to on that task or topic.

Also, ask how you can help the employee do their jobs better, make things easier for them, etc. When's the last time your boss asked you how they could make your work life easier? If you boss asked you that sincerely and attempted to help, would you care if he or she were 62 or 22?

“Listen rather than assuming you know best,” notes Cheryl Eaton, a management professor at Marlboro College Graduate School. "When that kind of respect is given, it is received.” 

Click below to read more solid, age-proof management tips.

via Business Insider

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