An easy hack to halt online distractions

How to boost productivity and break the bad habit of wandering URLs at work

You want to stay off reddit. You know you should stop checking your fantasy football stats. And you need to stop watching the trailer for the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary special.

If you work online all day, productivity-busting distractions are just a keystroke away. Startup Workout founder Kevin Fleming has a great piece of advice for boosting your efficiency, getting more done and breaking The Habit of The Wandering Fingers: Nanny for Google Chrome.

"Throughout the day I found myself visiting news and social media sites out of habit rather than necessity," Fleming says. "Over time, using an extension like Nanny for Google Chrome helps to crush those bad habits."

This free app will block URLs at times you specify, say between 9 am -5 pm, or limit your visits to a specific time length, thereby keeping you focused. The app also allows you to block any URLs that contain specific words, such as "kitten." (You can admit it, pretty much everyone would rather watch frolicking kittens than install a server patch. Your secret is safe with us.) Think of it as a virtual sober coach for the hopelessly distracted.

Fleming points out another cool feature: "Nanny also monitors how often you try to access blocked sites. After seeing my own results from this, I am convinced we truly are creatures of habit – you may be surprised by the results."

Click below for more productivity-boosting advice, including how 2 minutes can change your work life.

via Startup Workout

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