The Top 10 social recruiting cities

The hottest cities for finding jobs via Twitter

If you want to find a job via Twitter, social media recruiting company Goziak says these are the cities with the current highest number of jobs tweeted:

1.       New York

2.       Houston

3.       Chicago

4.       Atlanta

5.       Dallas

6.       Boston

7.       Los Angeles

8.       Phoenix

9.       Washington, DC

10.   San Francisco

While 65% of jobs posted on Twitter are currently in the U.S., the company is uncovering increased activity in the United Kingdom, Australia and some parts of Asia. London is not only the hottest job city on Twitter outside the U.S. at the moment, but also globally, followed by New York.

Twitter is the up-and-coming job-hunting platform, with 500,000 jobs posted to the network each month. And, most important for you, 24% of those are in IT.

Why Twitter? It's fast, direct and less-expensive than traditional recruiting methods.

"Millions of enterprises are demonstrating that they are still hiring, but are opting to recruit on Twitter as it is cost effective," says Gozaik co-founder Joe Budzienski.

Other data from Goziak's Social Recruiting Index finds that Amazon, Dish Network and AT&T are among the top Fortune 500 companies most actively recruiting on Twitter.

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