5 free tools to power up your social media influence

Use these five free tools to expand your reach and influence

Want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your use of social media? I've rounded up five free tools that will help power up your influence on Twitter, Facebook, and others.


As the name implies, this service focuses on Twitter, and it does a great job of providing plenty of useful stats. You'll see how many times on average you tweet a day, what days and what times of the week you tweet, how many retweets, user mentions, and so on, you get, the people who most retweet you, and plenty more. Also useful is that you see the most influential people in your Twitter network, so you can make sure to pay special attention to them in order to expand your reach.


Klout measures your overall social media reach, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare. It gives you an overall number for your influence, graphs how it changes over time, shows who's been mentioning you and plenty more.


This very good tool, for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, offers an exceptional amount of very useful information, including your overall activity, your "amplification" (how many retweets you get per hundred tweets), the growth of your follower base, your most popular content, and much more. Particularly useful is its analysis of your followers, showing their geographic location, interests, and type (celebrity, power user, casual user, or novice). It will also tell you who are the most influential people by categories of interest, so that you can try to befriend them in order to grow your influence.


This one examines your presence on a variety of social networks inglucing Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter, shows you the topics in which you have influence, who you influence, and who influences you. Use what you find here to target the topics you talk about, and find out about top influencers.


This Twitter tool is very good for identifying the highest-value members of your network (those who can best expand yoru reach). But it goes beyond that, by recommending followers to whom you should consider replying in order to foster better relationships, those you should consider following, and more.

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