Hulu Plus for PS4, Amazon airs new original series, and Roku gets ESPN & Disney

Credit: Source: Hulu

So imagine it's late Friday night and you've been jamming on your new Playstation 4 all day. Your thumbs are finally giving out. What do you do now?

Well Hulu has you covered. They have a Hulu Plus app ready to download on the day of the PS4 launch and to celebrate they're offering a free first episode of a new comedy series called The Wrong Mans. Normally you'd need a subscription to use the Hulu Plus app, but you can catch the first episode free on your PS4, as long as you watch it before November 26th. And PS3 owners, you're not left out on the cold. You can also watch episode one of The Wrong Mans on your console, no subscription required (but again, the offer expires on November 26th).

Hulu has more to say about the PS4 Hulu Plus app on their blog so click over there if you want to learn more. Otherwise, here's the trailer for The Wrong Mans. It looks pretty funny to me.

And speaking of things that look pretty funny to me, a long long time ago I wrote about a bunch of pilot episodes that Amazon made available on their Video On Demand service. Basically they crowd-sourced the decision of which ones to move forward on.

Two of my favorites, Alpha House and Betas, were greenlit and Alpha House finally starts this Friday, with Betas debuting the following Friday.

Here's a couple more trailers for you:

Last up in today's streaming round-up, Roku announced that they're adding WatchESPN and Watch Disney channels to their lineup. You can add WatchESPN now, and Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney Junior and Watch Disney XD will be coming later this month.

Sadly there's a catch, though. You have to already have access to these channels via your participating cable provider. You know the drill, log in to your cable account on your Roku and you can stream in the bedroom rather than watch on the cable box downstairs in the living room.

I fantasize about the day when we can just pay for these channels a la carte and to heck with the cable providers!

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