In your interviewer a walking red flag?

How an interviewer offers valuable clues about whether you want the job

Yes, you want to nail the interview. Otherwise you wouldn't be wearing that smart tie.

However, career experts say it's critical you don't go into an interview with rose-colored glasses and ignore red flags that should give you pause about accepting the job.

"If you spend all of your time trying to ace the interview process, you might miss some foreboding signs of what’s to come," notes Liz Elfman at The Daily Muse.

During your next interview, in between showcasing your impeccable soft skills and actively listening, make sure you take time to assess your interviewer. Elfman points out that he or she can unwittingly help you decide whether you want the job.

One way: the interviewer expresses disbelief that you want the job.

"Pay attention to any comments like, 'You sure you want this job?' or 'You sure you can handle difficult clients?'" Elfman writes. "If your interviewers seem surprised that you actually want the job, it might be signs of things to come."

Another warning sign: You question an interviewer’s competence.

"Particularly if your interviewer is the person you’ll be reporting to every day, make sure that he or she is someone you can respect and learn from," Elfman notes. "If he or she appears flaky, doesn’t know how to answer a lot of your questions, or appears disorganized or unintuitive, don’t brush it aside. You probably don’t want to work with this type of manager on a regular basis."

Click below for more warning signs to look out for during an interview.

via The Daily Muse

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