The one age-old standby to leave off your resume

Which popular resume staple can hurt your chances for getting an interview

Good news: You have years of experience to share with a potential employer.

Bad news: You're concerned that instead of your resume projecting, "What a steal!" it conveys "I'm ancient."

There are several ways to age-proof your resume if you are worried about ageism, one of the main tactics being the omission of a popular, age-old resume staple:

“References Available Upon Request”

When you think about it, it makes sense: What employer doesn't want references? If you're a serious candidate, of course they're going to ask and of course you're going to provide.

However, job seekers continue to include this statement on their resumes, a move that succeeds only in taking up valuable space that could be put to much better use and making the candidate look outdated or - gasp - old.

Another tip for skirting the age issue: Leave the dates off your degrees. It's a sure-fire why for a person to figure out your age, at least when it comes to your bachelor's degree. Unless you graduated recently, leave the dates off.

Click below for more tips on age-proofing your resume.

via Business2Community

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