Heads are about to roll at Yahoo - literally [CARTOON]

Marissa Mayer’s new employee review system means bad news for some people

20131114_yahoo_guillotine-small_0.jpgImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
If you work for Yahoo, you'd better stop reading this and get back to work

Now that Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft, they’ve wasted no time in getting rid of his famous and much-disliked “stack ranking” system, where employees were basically graded on a curve. Interestingly, over at Yahoo Marissa Mayer seems to be challenging her inner-Ballmer by instituting a similar review system which her employees are also none too happy about and which also seems to be her way of culling the Yahoo herd.

Bottom line is, if you work for Yahoo, not only is work-from-home time over, but so is farting-around-on-the-job time. Matter of fact, if you work for you Yahoo and you’re reading this at work, you should stop now and get back to work. As you can see, the woman means business.

Anyway, Happy Friday to all!

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