How to highlight ROI on an IT resume

Four questions that will supercharge your resume

One of the top resume tips every career expert espouses is: Provide specific, measurable ROI.

Yes, you can bullet-point to death the technologies you implemented or those in which you are proficient, but that means nothing without all-important context, executive resume writer Laura Smith-Proulx tells

"Any IT director can point out new, cutting-edge technologies used in delivering services to users," she notes. "However, a business-centric technology leader can point out ways he or she has cut costs at the same time."

Sure, that makes sense, but how do we do it? Smith-Proulx has the answer - in the form of four questions.

  • What would have happened if I weren’t here?
  • How did my work affect the bottom line – or the performance of my division, team, etc.?
  • What are the reasons others believe in me?
  • How has my approach transformed the culture at work?

"Employers are eager to identify leaders who can articulate the reasons they add value – expecting that these employees will continue to differentiate the business," she says. "Metrics-driven, power-packed language makes it easy for them to see why hiring you will pay dividends."

via Careerealism

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