The best – and worst – colors to wear on a job interview

Hiring managers name the colors to wear and which to avoid

Orange is not the new black – at least when it comes to job interviews.

CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,000 hiring managers, asking them which colors interviewees should wear if they want to look professional.

Blue came out as the No. 1 answer with 23%, followed by black at 15%. One-quarter of respondents named orange as the worst color to wear, one "associated with someone who is unprofessional."

The hiring managers also listed colors and the attributes they most associate with them:

  • Black – Leadership
  • Blue - Team Player
  • Gray - Logical/Analytical
  • White – Organized
  • Brown – Dependable
  • Red – Power
  • Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple – all four colors were associated with Creative

Therefore, if you're a professional clown, obviously orange and its brethren are in play.

CareerBuilder also offers up the following rules of thumb for making your color work and presenting a good impression:

Dress for the environment. If you wear a suit to a Polo-and-khakis office, your interviewer will automatically consider you a square peg in a round hole. If you can, get a sense before the interview of the office dress code/style and follow suit (or not).

Stick with neutrals. You can’t go wrong with navy, black, brown and gray. Add a classic white button-down shirt or incorporate a splash of a more vibrant color (however, be careful see No. 4).

Tailor your outfit. Make sure your interview apparel complements your shape. Too tight or too loose and you will look - and feel - off.

Don’t distract the interviewer. Avoid gimmick ties, loud patterns and oversized jewelry.

Pay attention to details. Dig out your iron, cover the scuff marks on your shoes, etc.

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