IT MBA hiring expected to drop in 2014

Companies will be hiring fewer IT MBAs, but it could be a lot worse

If you're a newly minted MBA looking for a job in IT, your career prospects are a bit dimmer for the coming year.

According to a Michigan State University study, the hiring of MBAs in IT is expected to drop by 28% in 2014, reports Harvard Business Review. MSU surveyed more than 6,000 employers that recruit at U.S. universities and colleges, asking how their 2014 hiring is expected to stack up against this year.

And while the news looks discouraging if you're in IT, it's downright horrific if you're looking to get a government job with an advanced degree. Government MBA hiring is expected to plunge 86% next year.

MSU says MBA hiring will drop across nearly all sectors, with an average dive of 25%. For those graduating with a bachelor's degree in IT, the market is more promising.

“Strong demand for accounting, marketing, computer science, engineering, human resources, public relations, and the inclusive ‘all majors’ group will increase hiring for bachelor’s degrees by 7%,” lead economist Phil Gardner notes.

Projected 2014 MBA Hires Changes

Government -86%

Construction -62%

Finance -58%

Healthcare -30%

IT -28%

Retail -23%

Nonprofits -21%

Accommodations -9%

Wholesale -8%

Manufacturing -4%

Mining & Oil -2%

via Harvard Business Review

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