How to quickly make a great business impression

The trick for making yourself memorable in less than a minute

You're about to meet the CEO for the first time. How do you quickly make the best impression? Are you just-another-guy-in-a-tie or are you someone memorable?

Paul McDonald, a senior executive director at staffing firm Robert Half, tells Business Insider's Vivian Giang that professionals need to develop, practice and deliver what's commonly known as an elevator pitch.

"Most people can't present what they've done effectively," McDonald notes. "They're not used to giving sound bites of what they do."

Think of it as a real-life, in-person version of your resume summary statement. And if you're trying to remember what your resume summary statement is - if you even have one - then McDonald has tips for you.

First, there are three questions you need to answer:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you want to go/what are you looking for?

If it's hard defining answers, McDonald advises: "Take your resume and LinkedIn profile and go through it thoroughly."

Answers in hand, write down four bullet points that explain why you're great, focusing on work history, background, skills, accomplishments and goals.

Now this is not to say you meet someone influential or important and then trumpet back a summary of your resume. Imagine how appealing that would be.

Click below to see how you can take those essentials of yourself and your career and turn them into a 30-second story that will enthrall anyone you meet.

via Business Insider

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