How to fix Windows 8.1's mouse lag in video games

The fixes are simple, though YMMV

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, some PC gamers have discovered an issue with their mice no longer moving correctly. If you've ever experienced mouse lag, a jittery mouse pointer, or your mouse freezing, you know how frustrating this can be. (Especially when you're just about to shoot a virtual enemy in a game.) Microsoft has released a few fixes and workarounds.

According to the company, the mouse lag problem is actually several different issues. The KB 2908279 fix corrects three of them: mouse jittering, movement not to scale, and unexpectedly low mouse polling rate. The polling rate is how fast the mouse sends information to the computer, so a lower polling rate will affect how fast and responsive the mouse is.

If you're playing older games, Microsoft says you might be able to correct mouse issues by running the game in compatibility mode (Right-click on the game icon > Properties > Compatibility).

If these fixes don't work (they tend to create compatibility for most popular games), the How-To Geek suggests another workaround: use the Registry Editor to apply Microsofyt's fix to a particular game on an individual basis. There are a few steps involved, and doing this could increase your power usage, so be careful to apply it only to the afflicted games.

Happy mousing!

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