23% of IT pros spend Thanksgiving with coworkers

Surveys finds nearly a quarter of IT pros celebrate with coworkers.

Think it's hard surviving your family on Thanksgiving? Try inviting your coworkers to dinner.

A timely CareerBuilder survey finds that 23% of IT pros spend the holiday with coworkers, in the office or at another location. So you're either elbow deep in the server closet or helping debug Uncle Murray's ancient PC in the spare bedroom ("Why can't I get on AOL?").

IT's pro-coworker showing was only 2% less than those put-upon retail workers who may be forced to work right after they finish their plate. The top industry was Transportation and Utilities (28%) and Retail (25%), with IT, Healthcare and Finance tied at 23%.

But don't get too excited about the co-worker love. Ninety-one percent of respondents said they'd rather spend the holiday with their family, understandably, with a very sad 2% choosing coworkers over family. Then there's the wise 8% who said they preferred to spend it with "Neither." (Yes, we noticed that adds up to 101%, we assume they're rounding up.)

In terms of geography, here's how cities stacked up. If you live in Boston, don’t hold your breath for an invite from the next cube over:

Workers Who Celebrate Thanksgiving With Co-Workers By City

  • Atlanta – 35%
  • Dallas – 30%
  • San Francisco – 23%
  • Phoenix – 22%
  • Washington DC – 20%
  • Los Angeles – 16%
  • New York – 16%
  • Philadelphia – 11%
  • Chicago – 8%
  • Boston – 6%
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