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3 numbers to include on any IT resume

The three most important areas to quantify on an IT resume

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With resumes, you know it's a matter of show, don't tell.

You can't just tell potential employers how wonderful you are at curbing downtime; well, you can, but your resume won't go anywhere. You have to show them, and by showing, hiring managers and screeners want cold, hard numbers.

“Put numbers on your resume,” icrunchdata co-founder Todd Nevins tells SmartRecruiters. “Percentages. Growth. Not just what you did, but the impact on the business.”

But, as an IT professional, you’re awash in numbers. What exactly are hiring mangers looking for? Erin Osterhaus of SoftwareAdvice breaks it down:

Growth: How much did revenue/calls/clients grow during your tenure?

Savings: How much money did you save the company during your time there?

Time: How long did it take you to accomplish these achievements?

Now, as a codicil to the Growth category, in the case of many IT positions, Reduction may be more applicable and impressive.

Devin Albert, a technology account manager at Oracle, advocates putting those numbers in the form of percentages for the ease of the person reviewing your resume.

“Absolute numbers may be difficult to compare, depending on the field or industry,” she says. “Percentages, on the other hand, are a fair and standard measurement.”

Click below for specific examples and more practical advice.

via SmartRecruiters

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