Avoid this rusty job search mistake

Critical missteps to avoid when restarting a job search

If a couple of Olympics have passed since the last time you looked for a new job, you might feel a bit rusty and overwhelmed at the prospect.

Once the mainstay of IT job searches, job boards are going the way of the dinosaur, and rules you once thought were sacrosanct may now be obsolete. How many pages can it be? Do I still use bullet points? Do I really need to get on LinkedIn? (1-2, sparingly and yes, if you were wondering.)

Priscilla Claman at Harvard Business Review writes that those who haven't looked for a new job in more than 5 years are susceptible to a series of common errors, one of which is:

You present yourself as more junior than you really are.

"You have more skills and experience since the last time you were on the job market," Claman says, noting it's easy for pros to write a resume that makes you look less skilled than you truly are.

"If you are a mid-career or senior professional, make sure your resume and interview techniques don’t make you look junior," she notes. "Think through how you frame yourself. People who are more senior present themselves as experienced, thoughtful, strategic, accountable, and targeted. They know what they want and will have the common sense to say no when a position or company doesn’t feel right."

Click below for more tips on restarting a job search without falling prey to common errors.

via Harvard Business Review

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