Get a $25 credit on American Express after spending $75+ on Amazon

If you have an Amex card, this deal is almost too good to pass up

Do you like saving money? Shopping on Amazon? Good, then all you need to score $25 back from the shopping you're already going to do is an American Express card and a Twitter account.

The promotion, a $25 statement credit with a purchase of $75 or more on Amazon, is good through December 31st. To get it:

  1. Head to the Twitter + Amex Sync page and sign your card up. This will sync your Amex card to Twitter
  2. From your Twitter account, tweet something with #AmexAmazon in it. You should get an @reply message from @AmexSync stating the offer has been added to your card.
  3. Use the Amex card to make an order of at least $75 at Amazon.
  4. Enjoy a statement credit within 90 days after December 31st.

Note that only one card can be synced to each Twitter account.

If you're not keen on spam-tweeting your followers on Twitter to get this offer, you can always create another Twitter account just for times like these.

Happy shopping!

[h/t Slickdeals]

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